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If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, or if you have a specific fitness hurdle that you

want to overcome … or maybe you’re just in a rut of performing general aerobics and don’t see your

body changing to meet your goals … then you are ready for XTREME FITNESS GROUP TRAINING.


Using cutting edge, targeted-to-you training programs, we help you take fitness to a brand new level

with variety, result-driven workouts, and motivating instructors. And because we’re all uniquely

individual, your Xtreme Fitness Group Training will be specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type

and YOUR life.


With core classes, TRX Suspension Training, and BOSU Training, you will improve your cardiovascular

fitness and increase your metabolism while getting your body in great shape and keeping it that way.


TRX Suspension Training harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you workout, allowing you and your class trainer to adjust the degree of difficulty to any level for age, fitness level, and fitness goals. TRX workouts can burn up to 1200 calories an hour. That means you’ll also burn more calories at rest.


BOSU® Balance Training and exercise techniques help you safely incorporate integrated movement, balance and body awareness into workouts. As a result, you will build a more efficient body designed to move better in everyday life.


Xtreme Fitness Group Training is an affordable way to workout with a trainer who provides

individual guidance and strong leadership. These regularly scheduled workouts with a trainer will hold

you accountable, accelerate your fitness progress and ensure that you are exercising with proper form,

technique and intensity.


Join us and get into shape while having FUN with the NUMBER ONE TOTAL BODY WORKOUT!

Classes are available in the following packages. Call for pricing (949) 661-6060 or Sign Up for a Class Here:

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